Antique reproduction furniture

Waterproof Floor

Waterproof Flooring was developed after 8 years? scientific research and has got 3 aspect of patent, leading the floor industry to environment-friendly and health development.

Advantages of Waterproof Floor:

1. Waterproof, mildew-proof, anti-deformation, anti-corrosion, Acid and

Alkali Resistant; anti-scratch; termites free.

2. High temperature resistant, standing up to 60?C (108?F), suitable for

?underneath heating system.

3. Floor manufactured in accordance with Eo Standard, low Formaldehyde,

zero radiation, zero pollution.

4. Service life of floor is up to 15 years. The floor base materials are

Recyclable, thus be good for protecting environment and saving wood resources.
5. Amazingly true-to-nature wood grain patterns; wooden comfort.
6. Easy installation. Simple daily maintenance and no need for wax polish.
7. Adopting Nano-anti-bacterial charring Technology to purify air;

Remark: above UV paint floor factory doesn?t make them any more.